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COVID-19 Wellbeing Resources
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Government of Canada connects Canadians with mental wellness supports during COVID-19

Public Health Canada

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention

Prevent Getting Sick
Get Your Home Ready - Detailed Planning Guidance
Stress and Coping

Articles by SunLife Financial

Taking care of the elderly during COVID-19
Keeping your spirits up while self isolating
Managing stress and anxiety during a pandemic
6 tips for staying healthy during COVID-19
COVID-19: How to stay healthy and protect yourself
COVID-19 pandemic: Your questions answered
Where to find out more about COVID-19

Mental Health-focused Organizations

American Psychological Association – 5 Ways to View Coverage of the Coronavirus
CICMH – Tips to Manage Mental Health through COVID-19
PsychCentral – Managing Corona Virus (Covid 19) Anxiety
Psychology Tools - Psychological Resources For Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Psychology Today - 5 Steps to Living with Uncertainty During Coronavirus
Psychology Today - 19 Ways to Support Your Mental Health During COVID-19
Psychotherapy.Net - Coping with COVID-19
Mental Health Commission of Canada - Resource Hub: Mental health and wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic

News / Other Forums

Globe and Mail - As coronavirus shutters gyms, it’s important to develop an at-home workout routine
Harvard Business Review-That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief
Harvard - Managing Fears & Anxiety around the Coronavirus (.pdf)
Medium - Regulating Emotions in a COVID-19 World
Telegraph - Coronavirus: How to look after your mental health when self isolating
Yale Medicine - Feeling Anxious about COVID-19?