Group Counselling

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Group Counselling

For many issues that university students face, group counselling is the optimal treatment choice. It provides students with the unique opportunity to utilize peer interaction to work toward improving themselves.

Although many students are initially hesitant to join a group, participants consistently find group therapy to be a very beneficial and positive experience.

At SCD, we offer group counselling throughout the week, to accommodate students’ schedules. Our counselling process groups cover topics based on students’ needs in each group. This may include issues related to such topics as the following:

  • difficulty coping
  • depressed mood
  • stress and anxiety
  • interpersonal issues related to family, peer, or dating relationships

The themed groups focus on a specific presenting concern such as the following:

  • body image and disordered eating
  • grief and loss

The nature of the groups may vary from term to term.

Group counselling allows students an opportunity to work through these issues in a safe group setting with peers and counsellors.

If you are interested in group counselling, please enquire with the SCD front desk staff or speak to one of our counsellors.