Self-Care & Self-Compassion

Programming Information

Through our physical health related programming, we aim to help students better understand the physical, emotional and mental benefits of physical health including sleep! We educate students on how sleep impacts academics and busting common myths by providing practical ways to develop a sleep routine. We also have creative body-based mindfulness strategies we like to offer.


Resource Description
Self Compassion App Includes practices from compassion focused therapy to help you cultivate more compassion for yourself and others. Browse through the app for meditations, breathing techniques, journaling, reflective exercises, HIIT workouts, yoga videos and more.
Self-Acceptance by the Breathing Room An online self help workshop that will guide you in accepting your true self and letting go of yourself criticism to live a more authentic life. This self-guided course uses a wide range of techniques from mindfulness meditations to journal prompts and even progress tracking.
Atomic Health Podcast This is a powerful conversation on overcoming negativity and adopting better habits.
Good2Talk Free 24/7 anonymous counselling for post-secondary students.