Sleep & Physical Health

Sleep and Physical Well-being

Programming Information

Through our physical health related programming, we aim to help students better understand the physical, emotional and mental benefits of physical health including sleep! We educate students on how sleep impacts academics and busting common myths by providing practical ways to develop a sleep routine. We also have creative body-based mindfulness strategies we like to offer.


Resource Description
Public Health Ontario Provides information and various resources (data, infographics, reports, videos) to help the promotion of physical activity and public health services.
Toronto Public Health Health and wellness education, resources, and access for those in the GTA and Toronto.
Virtual Health Clinic The Virtual Health Clinic offers York students convenient access to health-care solutions from anywhere.
Appletree Medical Group Located inside York Lanes Mall, this clinic offers walk-in medical services to students, university staff and residents of the Jane and Finch neighbourhoods.
Telehealth Ontario Free and confidential support 24/7. Nurses can help you with any health matters, including addiction concerns.